Episode 16 - Television

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020
In case you haven’t noticed, over the years television has become a major part of our lives. Steve talks about his memories of watching television growing up, along with a few stories of television productions.

Show Notes

The Burnsland Podcast returns. And we follow up our telephone episode with a television episode! Not that we are on television, unfortunately. But it was fun to take some time to talk about television.

Like most people of my generation, I grew up with a tv set close by. And it was often turned on, too. Remember the old days when you just had a few channels? And when you had to watch what was on right then, because there was no way to go back and watch it later? Thanks to cable television and video cassette recorders, all of that changed. I’m not sure if it changed for the better, but it definitely changed. And these days, there are even more channels and more ways to watch things that aren’t on at the time that you are wanting to watch something.

Plus, I have a couple of fun (to me, at least) stories about some different television productions. Some of them involve me, one of them involves Jaylin. That’s right, Jaylin is a television star. Sort of. He was in the background, but he still got some pretty good face time! That was from the show Bluff City Law on NBC, in an episode that aired last fall.

Hear more about it, and about television in general, in the latest episode of the Burnsland Podcast!


Steve Burns

Steve Burns

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