Episode 20 - Creativity

Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Sometimes it takes a little push to be creative and look at things in a new way. The current times have definitely provided that push!

Show Notes

After an extended absence, the Burnsland Podcast returns! And this episode is all about creativity because we have all seen quite a lot of creative things lately.

Due to all of the changes that so many of us have gone through in the past few months due to COVID-19, many of the “old ways” of doing things are not valid, at least temporarily. So it has been encouraging and even exciting to see all the creativity that is out there to allow people to get things done. From working to schools to churches to friend groups and so on, we have all had to find new ways to get things done and to interact with others.

Hopefully, you have done some creative things, too. Whether it is something artistic like drawing or making music, something fun like working a puzzle or going for a walk, or something helpful like figuring out how to do something for someone else, there are many ways to be creative right now.

And here’s hoping that creativity does not die whenever things return to “normal,” whenever that might be and whatever that might look like.

Sometimes it takes a little push to force people to use their creativity to find new ways to do things. We have certainly had that push recently! Maybe that push was just what we needed to find all sorts of new ways to do things. And hopefully, some of those new ways will last beyond the current situation we are in, too.

Listen in to hear some of the creative things that have happened. And feel free to share your own ways that you have been creative, too.


Steve Burns

Steve Burns

Steve is a husband, father, photographer, webmaster, writer, podcaster, artist, Christian. Steve enjoys sharing his photography, art, and stories through Burnsland.com, from the Burnsland World Headquarters in Tennessee.