Episode 23 - Change

Posted on Thursday, Sep 17, 2020
Everything seems to be changing right now. But actually, everything is always changing. That is not always bad if you know how to handle it.

Show Notes

Hey, guess what? Don’t change that podcast channel! There is a new Burnsland Podcast episode! No, really! It is there now just waiting for you to hear it.

This episode is all about change. No, I am not talking about nickels, dimes, and quarters. And no, the Burnsland Podcast is not about to change. This episode is all about some of the changes that have been affecting us lately. I am not even primarily talking about COVID-19, either.

We sometimes do not realize it, but things change all the time, all around us. That becomes even more evident when it is something unexpected, such as a global pandemic, but there are lots of other changes, too.

Listen in to hear all about change, and a few tips on how to handle the changes that will inevitably come your way, too!

Also, if you heard the previous episode with its sub-par audio quality, I fixed that now so that things sound normal again on this episode. Yay!


Steve Burns

Steve Burns

Steve is a husband, father, photographer, webmaster, writer, podcaster, artist, Christian. Steve enjoys sharing his photography, art, and stories through Burnsland.com, from the Burnsland World Headquarters in Tennessee.