Episode 25 - Consequences

Posted on Thursday, Oct 1, 2020
A fun story from a long-ago trip to Walt Disney World is also a reminder that our actions have consequences, some of which we might not have ever thought of.

Show Notes

Have you ever seen something that you have done start a chain reaction of events that you had not anticipated? That happened to me one time on a family trip to Walt Disney World many years ago. While we were in the American Adventure at Epcot, I accidentally interrupted not one nap, but two or three. It is a funny story about consequences now, and actually to me it was pretty funny at the time, too. Others might have seen it differently.

We don’t know how one action might cause ripples through all kinds of people and events. We sometimes do things without even thinking about the consequences. Or sometimes the consequences are things that we never would have imagined.

Don’t play the “What If…” game too much, and don’t agonize over every possible outcome, but do keep in mind that our actions often have consequences. But also remember that those can be positive consequences, too. It is often important to do things that we know will have some positive consequences, so look for those opportunities.

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Steve Burns

Steve Burns

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