Episode 28 - We Have Been Busy

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 28, 2021
We have had lots of things going on lately, which in some ways makes us miss the slower times of last year. And it makes us look forward to downtime when we can find it.

Show Notes

What’s this? A new episode of the Burnsland Podcast? Yes, and only six months after the last one! My, how time flies.

Anyway, we have been busy over the last several months. Some of that has to do with having a high school senior, and some of that has to do with life in general. In some ways, that has us missing last year when we were home all of the time. Is that a bad thing?

Of course, we don’t want to go back to everything being shut down. But it was nice to have a little more down time sometimes.

What can we do about it? Listen in to find out!


Steve Burns

Steve Burns

Steve is a husband, father, photographer, webmaster, writer, podcaster, artist, Christian. Steve enjoys sharing his photography, art, and stories through Burnsland.com, from the Burnsland World Headquarters in Tennessee.