Episode 34 - Happy Halloween!

Posted on Monday, Nov 1, 2021
For our Halloween episode, Steve and Laura share some fun Halloween memories and stories both from childhood and as parents!

Show Notes

Happy Halloween from the Burnsland Podcast!

Yes, Halloween has already come and gone for this year, but we recorded this episode on the evening of October 31. So even though you are listening to this episode after the actual holiday, that still counts as a Halloween episode, right? Nothing spooky here, just some good clean fun!

After starting off with some Halloween jokes which might make you laugh or might make you groan, Steve and Laura share some memories of past Halloweens, including those fun costumes that we used to wear and going trick or treating in the neighborhood. Do you remember costumes like the ones we used to wear?

Teenage years brought a couple of haunted house experiences, and then adulthood has brought Trunk or Treat at church events, along with taking Jaylin trick or treating, too. Things have changed a little through the years, and we talk about that, too.

Since we mentioned it, here is a photo of Laura as Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus for this year’s trunk or treat:

Laura as Ms. Frizzle for Trunk or Treat at Halloween

Check out the main Burnsland website for more past Trunk or Treat photos, too! And there are several Halloween photos and drawings there as well.

So come and listen to Episode 34 as we share some fun Halloween memories and more!


Steve Burns

Steve Burns

Steve is a husband, father, photographer, webmaster, writer, podcaster, artist, Christian. Steve enjoys sharing his photography, art, and stories through Burnsland.com, from the Burnsland World Headquarters in Tennessee.

Laura Burns

Laura Burns

Laura Burns is a wife, mother, Christian, equestrian, retired school teacher, and lots of other things, too. She enjoys spending time with horses as often as she can.