Episode 6 - Christmas Memories

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 17, 2019
Merry Christmas! To celebrate the season, Steve shares some memories of Christmases past, including giving gifts, singing carols, and spending time with family. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Christmas!

Show Notes

Merry Christmas from the Burnsland Podcast! In honor of the holiday, here are some memories of Christmases long, long ago. And I borrowed that last phrase from a song, not from the Star Wars opening crawl, by the way.

Anyway, on to the stories of Christmas Past. Which is much better than the Ghost of Christmas Past, right? Included in the podcast are some memories about giving gifts to those who really needed them, a time when we got a White Christmas around here, and some Christmas caroling, too. Along with a little bit of Christmas music sprinkled in.

One of the fun things about Christmas is making some new memories each year while remembering the good things from past Christmas holidays, too. Here’s hoping that you get to spend some time with those that you love this holiday season and that you get to make some great Christmas memories this year! You never know what simple little things might turn into Christmas memories that you repeat year after year.


Steve Burns

Steve Burns

Steve is a husband, father, photographer, webmaster, writer, podcaster, artist, Christian. Steve enjoys sharing his photography, art, and stories through Burnsland.com, from the Burnsland World Headquarters in Tennessee.